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The “I Am An Ally” project was started when I was a victim of violence myself but I found my support system failed in providing me with the help I needed. Many people do not know how to help and as a result ignore the issue instead. Some even wished they could help but did not have the resources to know how to do anything.

This project aims to give you resources to be able to identify warning signs with certain situations, recognize your own safety within situations, know what to do and not do and also how to be approachable to people in these sorts of situations. I also do my best to provide hotlines for each respective issue in case you are experiencing it yourself. Spanning from bullying to depression to domestic abuse, I aim to give resources to help people in all these situations so that you can say “I Am An Ally” for those people.

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Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional. If you are in extreme crisis please call your local emergency services or your local suicide hotline. This site is a collection of research and resources to help you.